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Nov 18, 2011

fun Quiz...let enjoy...

pagi reader....anda boring????...jom happykan diri anda ngan main quiz gak, but dont have a big trust for this quiz...biaser2 suda tapi klu da result dia, menepati anda nak wap cam ner kan...just for fun...ila da try main quiz nim...the quiz that i taken is "are you crushing on him???"...kuang2!!..

so question nya adalah:

1)how often do you think about him?
= all the time (i thinking about him rite now)

2)have u ever looked straight into his eyes?
= yes, there are so beautiful

3)what the first thing u think about in the morning?
= *sighs* <3 i love him..

4)what your fav part about him?
= everything!

5)your hair is....his hair is...
= dark

6)do u know his fav colours?
= YEAH!!

7)how much does he know about u?
= everything i told him!

8)does he like u?
= i hope so

9)what are is flaws?
= everything

10)final question..{[€£¥•¥£€]}???
= interesting..

so the result...

80% ~ you love him like head over heels girls
20% ~ you hate him, he may like u, but who know?? hate him so why would care?,you dont...

camner naik try mencuba????...jummmm....tekan je link kat bawah nim ek....

~Do you really like him?
~do you like him?
~do you have true feelings for her (guy only)?
~are you obsessed with your crush?
~are you into him?
~are you crashing on him?
~are you crashing?
~are you really obsessed with your crash?
~how much do you love him?
~do you love him to no end?
~are you really in love with the person you think about?
~it is love?
~are you in love?
~do you love him/her?
~whether you actually like the guy your dating?

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asyrafNAKjadiLEBIHbaik said...

romatikus lah jawapan2 die...hehehhe

bloglist dah siap!meh la usha2..banner list.siap ade banner utk blog u lagik!

give me ur email please so that i cna send u the banner file(.gif)...

thanks a lot coz joined!

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