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Dec 26, 2011

hikmahnya cinta

whatever i am today, whatever i have achieved i owe to my family, they taught me well

why i love my mother

~ she was God's gift to me.from her i learn everything that i needed to survive in this challenging world.
~ she taught me the real meaning of love, forgiveness, patience and grace.
~ she was a mother who took care of all our need.
~ she was my teacher,my mentor and my one & only coach teaching me what really matters in this world.
~ she was a friend who took time to listen whether i had a happy or sad story to tell.

i only thank to ALLAH S.W.T for my mother coz without her, i would not haven been brought out into this would n enjoy the life i now enjoy..cyg ma byk2..

why i love my sis

~ a sis is someone who love me from the heart, no matter how much i argue i cannot be drawn apart.
~ she is a joy that cannot be taken away, once she enter your life, she is there to stay.
~ a friend who help me through difficult time,
~ a partner who fill my live wth laugh n smile, these memory last for miles n mile..
~ she is as sweet as chocolate and as smooth as fudge..:P

reason why i love my brother???

~ he act like tough guy but is really more sensitive than most gurl.i think this is one of best traits
~ pretty stubborn,but he used to pick my side most of the time on discussion, so i never mind it.
~ he always had style, dressed well and smell amazing..hahha
~ he is very sweet, cuddly, lovely, not afraid to show his vulnerability when it is about love.
~ and my fav reason why i love them so much : they are my BIG BROTHERs..:P

2 borak2:

'aliatulhuda said...

why i love my papa xde?

chcolate said...

coz my papa love dia lain cikit...hahaha...