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Nov 4, 2011

i not strong as u see..

i feel like i'm so bad..i don't know why this happen to me..if i have do anything wrong, please show me the right way so i'm not guilty of the offense again..i'm try to be the best in my work but the result always not in favor of me..what should i do???..:(((...sometime i'm really want feel happy with what i do in my work like other that always success with their work butttt....huuuffff...i'm so so n so bad right now..:((

whatever happen to me,,,,how much i feel so sad n how much i must try hard to be a person like don't have a problem..i trust,this happens there are may be have a reason that i should to face YG MAHA ESA please 4give me n please give me strong to handle all my problem..and to my friend a thousand thank to u all coz give me a support in my situation right now...pray for me and congratulation to all my beloved friend with what that u get..keep it out..u all so very not miss to my beloved parent..4give me coz i can't give the happiness..i'm promise that i can try hard again n not easily give up..:))..:((...

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Run Away said...

../salam kenal dari segmen azfa...;d