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Dec 3, 2010

i ShouLd 4Get

I'm not happy today even though I know that you are home once again .. because you are not honest with me ... but why ... I have a lot of time telling you ... you should be honest about your feelings towards me,,, I will accept ... whether you already hate me, boring to me, do not love me anymore .... you should be telling me why you have to lie to me ... why?
i'm so sad
i'm want to cry

I think we have no compatibility between each other ...

Okay ... and I try to forget you and you need to forget :(

you never think of my feelings for this ..

you have a lot of change when you go to study there

and until now I still wonder "what mistakes I made in you "..... I really want to answer
but when I asked you never replied ...

only one that I want you to know ... "I always miss and love you even though we are not the same feeling"

I will start to release the crew and the crew seek the happiness that you deserve with the girl you want ...

said the man "when we love someone, we want to see him happy" so I love you and I want you to be happy with your choices, although it is very difficult for me ..


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